Our Service

Owning a rental property can be very rewarding. It can also be very stressful and time consuming if you have rental leases to manage.  Owning a rental property overseas creates further obstacles such as time zones, culture and language differences. Ashburton Associates work with property developers and property related investment providers who offer guaranteed rental payments for investors. We help to make being an overseas property investor an enjoyable and stress free experience by facilitating the payment of rent to the property owner.  Using our service means:

  • No void periods
  • No missed or late payments
  • No commission
  • Rent wired to international bank account of your choice

Guaranteed rental payments

Ashburton Associates only work with property developers that offer a guaranteed rental contract. If your property is vacant or the tenant fails to pay the rent on time (or at all) you still get paid. You will know exactly what will arrive in your bank account for the duration of the rental contract.

No fees or commissions

We do not charge the property owner any fees, there are no tenant introduction fees, no commissions, no renewal fees and absolutely no ‘hidden extras’.