Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a lettings agent/management company?

No, we work with developers that offer a fixed guaranteed rental payment to the property owner for a fixed amount of time. We facilitate the payment to the property owner and relieve the developer of the administrative burden. Property lettings and management offices are the responsibility of the developer. Because we offer guaranteed rent for properties all over the world it wouldn’t be viable for us to also operate a lettings agency service in close proximity to the properties. We liaise with the rental management company put in place by the developer.

Is the owner still liable for repair bills and void periods?

No, we only work with developers that take responsibility for any repairs and guarantee a fixed rental amount regardless of whether the property is occupied or vacant.

When do you make the guaranteed rent payments?

Quarterly to a bank account of your choice – including international accounts.

How do you ensure that I get paid my rental payments?

We are very selective about which developers and projects we will work with. We travel worldwide to meet with developers prior to offering our services.  Part of our contract with the developer will involve some sort of collateral in order to protect us and the property owner in the event of a rental payment default.

I am interested – how can I find out more about your service?

Please complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page and we shall arrange a telephone appointment with you to discuss your requirements further.